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09-28-2012, 04:45 PM
Originally Posted by novemberalpha View Post
are disruptor beams good to have on a assault cruiser and if so how many should i have so that this weapon power is effective. I want to put 3 beams fore and 3 aft with 2 torpedo launchers.
Disrupters are fine. The only real warning that you'll see is to not use plasma weapons in pvp, as most players will have end-game shields that have extra plasma resists.

As for the weapon layout, I'd suggest you make a 7+1 build, or perhaps an 8-beam broadside build if you can keep your weapon power levels above 100. You probably aren't getting the full use out of one of your torpedoes with a 6+2 build in the assault cruiser. The turn rate on that ship will make it hard to keep both torpedoes active.