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09-28-2012, 04:46 PM
The system was designed for Fleets but also as a huge sink meaning the whole thing is just out of synch with the reality of the server, also as people get bored of nothing to do existing Fleets became less and less active with members going back to hibernation.

The only thing this system will do is make sure Super Fleets will exist at T5 with everyone else being around T2-3 because the grind is too much for anyone to stay, also they refuse to understand that yes, some players made billions back during those years but new F2P players are relative poorer, their choice is Exchange sales of Fleet Modules so they can actually afford the insane prices for some commodities or just give up on the whole thing.

In ways its "working as intended" but at the same time its also driving a wedge on the playerbase of the ones that "have it" and the ones that "have it not", leading to the same burn out feeling of STF players that eventually get tired of it.

If I recall before Season 6 launched there was talk about "Public Fleets" for solo players to have access to some of the Fleet services ... what we got "join or else" and "and now with even more farming".

As usual, it fixed nothing except became more and more Pay to Actually Get Anywhere.