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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
wait what? you srsly believe that the pylons of your ship stop your beams from fireing? Rest assured, all 8 beams are fireing as intended on any design...the visuals are only cosmetic and do not allways represent the actualy fireing cycle.

hillarous actually that you brought that to the "attention" of the developement team...they surely had a good laugh.
I bet as usual without any numbers supporting that claim.

i sacrifice 5-6 boff slots for survival and heal abilities, thats whats keeping me alive not the borg rely on the borg set is foolish. I use the borg set because it has more favourable stats than the other sets, the heals are just a bonus.

i'm also getting some mixed messages from you. First you say escort are generally too strong, then you claim you shoot them down on a regular bases, then they allways run away and escape defeat. You say escorts are so much superior to cruisers...yet you fail to pick one up yourself, and realize that escorts aren't that indestructable demons you think they are.

most (if not to say all) of the cruiser pilots in this thread do not use their cruiser because they think it is the best ship for their style of playing...they fly it because they like the looks. And rather to change into a ship they do not like (by the looks) they demand to beef up the ships they like best. ridiculous!
And proclaiming the cruiser is broken or not balanced, when in fact you just don't know how and when to use it is even more ridiculous.

as is this whole weekly "buff cruisers thread event" here on the forum.

all i can agree on, however, is a turnrate increase for ship should be lower than 8 in my opinion.
Just because I'm complaining don't mean I'm a crappy player. I can see the injustice even if I'm not the victim all the time. I can bring to the dev's attention to whatever I like, and I don't need your approval. Its that smug arrogant attitude, that comes with alot of escort players who blog on here, who likes trying to bully others because the game is easy for them, and only them. If your ship was nerfed tomorow, you would choke on that laugh and be crying like baby because your advantage would've evaporated. You have anything else to say?