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Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
An entire crew made of EMHs, ECHs, EEHs, and ETHs (I guess), all looking like the Doctor would be brilliant! I loved the episode where he had to fake being the Captain.

As for my crew, we have:

Vice Admiral Kaylan Jinx, Joined Trill and CO of the USS Nightingale
Captain James Muldoon, Human and the Nightingale's First Officer

Commander Miranda Bort, Bajoran and Chief Medical Officer
Commander Henriette Duvey, Human and Chief Tactical Officer
Commander Winter (assumed name), Caitian and Chief Engineer
Lt. Cmdr One of Two, Liberated Borg and Science Project Lead
Lt. Cmdr Two of Two, Liberated Borg and Engineering Second-In-Command
Awesome I'm intrigued by Commander Bort: 'Miranda' is a Human name, is she part Human, or is there some reason why she was named thus by Bajoran parents?