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I see a lot of "escort captains this" "cruiser captains that" do people really only pilot one type of ship? Even when I only had 1 level 50 I would switch from escort to cruiser and back on occaision for variety. You guys really can't understand both sides of this if you only pilot one or the other.

I think cruisers and escorts are all just fine, the balance is pretty good. You can even out damage escorts sometimes at the cost of some survivavbility in a cruiser if set up right, escpecially if you are in an Oddy, Bortasqu, or Fleet Vorcha.

Where the imbalance lies is the gear. MACO and 3pc borg is overpowered and this needs to be balanced. The 4pc borg set should be required for the shield heal, and the 3pc set should give the tractor beam thus forcing ships to choose between full borg, MACO, Omega or HG sets. Cruisers will still be able to tank good without MACO and 3pc borg, and escorts won't be able to quite as much anymore.
I know many choose to use their escorts to do the hard missions and matches. I know this because I have buddies that do it all the time. They use their escort over the cruiser in PVP. Why? Because you get more kills and escape being destroyed easily. They choose escorts over the cruisers in Elite STF's. Why? Because you can inflict more damage on the Borg, and escape its one shot kills by its "crit" torpedos. You can complete the mission alot faster and get the secondary objective when you are flying an escort. In a cruiser you can only hope to try to destroy the borgs with its beefed up hull and your weak powered beams that run out of power because of inefficient power ratings. You can only hope survive in a cruiser against an escort in PVP because he is able to inflict high critical damage through your shields and remain on you backside till you are destroyed with no threat from you. If you have half health and full shields, they can easily destroy you with a high crit volley inflicting 33K DPS or higher, no matter if you use RSP or Tac Team. I don't care how you look at it, that is not fair to non-escort pilots.

On the note about the Borg console/ MACO shield setup, I have called this to people's attention in many past threads but yet have been ignored. All successful PVP teams use it. I think its not fair to have players healing autonimously without him having to hit a power button. It has turned alot of these escorts into super tanks, pushing the imbalance further in their favor. I think its time for it to be nerfed like Aegis setup or inoperational without its' full 4 piece set.

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