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Originally Posted by novemberalpha View Post
thanks I think I will try that go with all 8 beams see how that works out for me. if I add another console for beams will that double the power or it will not stack or add up?????
Disruptor is a very nice energy type that works well in PVP and STF's. A lucky phaser proc can kill someone but resistance debuffs can make the difference between a kill and a near miss.

If you're going to go 8 beam arrays you'll need 125 weapon power most if not all the time to get a benefit from it. If your weapon power setting is at 100 or lower I know that 8 beams cost you DPS over 7 beams or even less than that depending on power setting.

I'd recommend beams over cannons on any FED cruiser that doesn't have saucer separation or a "high" turn rate. Klinks can use cannons and benefit from them more easily than Fed's can with their higher maneuverability ships and P2W consoles. Plasmonic Leech is crazy powerful on a klink ship and helps make any energy weapon build more viable. It helps offset weapon power drain, buffs shield regen/resist, buffs Aux heals and debuffs all these attributes on the person you're shooting, as a passive trait. On a Klink Cannon cruiser with 7 or 8 energy weapons that's pure gold.