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09-28-2012, 08:58 PM
I have 3 toons on each side, all 3 professions. I fly elite STFs with 500 ping typically and manage to do better than most people I tend to PuG with. I dislike MMO style pvp and avoid it. I consider myself to have mediocre player skill but high system mastery. I don't quite know everything but I do know quite a bit.

Cruisers and sci vessels are worthless in elite STFs
- Myth, they can still bring enough to the party to get the optional with ease

There is a role, aside from DPS, that is worthwhile in elite STFs
- Myth, if your ship can't tank something by itself, or be bothered to pack a single cc/team ability its a bad build

Cruisers can out-tank escorts
- Myth, boff abilities may allow this on a case by case basis but due to defense stat, focus on resist/sustain tanking, and a few other things an escort actually has more raw tank. Simply put if [acc] is the best damage stat what do you think is the best tank stat?

Any element of this game is well balanced
- Myth, cannon vs beam, eng capt. vs others, majority of boff abilities in game, etc. Its just that the game is so incredibly easy that most players don't even realize the huge gap between optimal and acceptable. What was that video of CSE clear time, 4 minutes full clear I think....compared to your average PuG....

Thats my 2 cents.