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09-28-2012, 10:38 PM
Originally Posted by th3xr34p3r View Post
Have completed my reinstall and patch up of sto, did some testing in space and ground, as yet I have not run into any artifacts. Have the game maxed out with FXAA etc on in the control pannel, does not mean I won't run into any later on but for now on my end all is stable and working as it should. I will report any issues I come across as they develop on AA.
No disrespect but i'm not talking about FXAA am I? That technique is totally different and uses post processing rather then what MSAA/SSAA does. In fact, using FXAA will most likely cover the artifacts that I'm seeing, but i dont want to use FXAA because it not only blurs the whole screen (Even if u might not even notice it) it also blurs the UI parts because the game doesnt officially support it. I want my Supersampling to work, if you dont know what it is you might want to google about it. Its a very old but probably best and most pretty AA technique. Just not for everyone because of the GPU processing needs.

I'm mainly directing my post to a dev directly, although I was pretty sure this was a total waste, I did it anyway. If ever a dev responds to a bug report will probably now, because if not I dont see myself reporting any more bugs in the future which could eventually help them as well in that case.

Oh well.

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