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"Ground Control" - text-heavy technobabble absurdism, now with 100% more action.

Starfleet Command asks you to help Lt. Commander Haman and his crew in their task to establish diplomatic relations with the Romulans, in order to help them with subspace anomalies that are showing up all over Romulan space. But what sounds like a matter of diplomatic sensibility and scientific arguments soon escalades into combat, as old enemies show up to interrupt the talks... And then things start to get weird.

This mission continues the story arc I started with "Subspace Oddity", but can also be played as a standalone mission, as anything you need to know is mentioned within the first few dialogues. I'd even say this one is a better point to start, as I personally like this mission even more than the previous one... But see for yourself

So, whats this mission like? It is trying to capture what I like most about Star Trek: mind-bending space adventures, fun, somewhat self-conscious dialogues, a look into those characters that travel through space and still are somewhat like we are. And all of this spiced up with space and ground battles, as this still is a game, so there you go.

Mission name: [Reliant2] Ground Control
Author Name: raydanaytski
Project ID: ST-HEALX5M49
Fraction: Starfleet
Starting Location: Agrama system in the Alpha Centauri Sector Block
Level: 31+