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09-29-2012, 02:09 AM
wow, you people really see yourself as the victim of some grave injustice, that the cruisers aer not the DD class in this game. This is the main concern here. That you can't fly your pretty ship the way you want and still be the best captain kirk around.

guess what, you are not the victim of some escort captain are the victim of your own narrowmindedness towards your your favourite cruisers. And opening another thread about "how bad cruisers are", next week doesn't make it true, or will change that for you. Only when this game reached the point where cruisers and escorts and sci ships are indestinguishable from each other we may see a drop in new "buff cruiser" posts.

@alexincobra: but i think you are a crappy player, because you complain constantly about things that do not exist/happen the way you observe them...therefore making you complain invalid.
in the past, you complained about: tac team...which turned out you had no idea what it actually does.
cruisers ofcourse...multiple times. The famous "it doesn't make since post"
your nebula/galaxy-r shield controversy...a subjective observation, where you didn't even use a similar setup or an adequat testing environment.
then the firerate of turrets, where you completely ignored that those have a 360 degree arc.
most other stuff you brought to the "atention" of the community is purely cosmetic, that shows where your focus in this game is "looks" thats why you use cruisers in the first place.
And thats the whole issue people here have with cruisers. They want their favourite ship to be the best ship. Call me ignorant for pointing that out, but it is the truth.

@hereticknight085: yeah, i'm not your opinion, therefore close minded...what ever. This post aren't looking for help...i can't tell you how to buid a cruiser thats worth something if you think yours is already the pinacle of cruiser builds. Apparently not, since you would not ask for a cruiser buff, or a super beam to compensate for your low dps.
i use a oddy starcruiser with my eng captain, and it is a blast to play it in stfs and sometimes even pvp. i enjoy certain cruisers as they are right now. Some are just crap, all galaxy variants for instance (they need slight boff adjustment, nothing more), but others are really fun to play with.
Another thing i fully agree with is a turnrate increase for cruisers. Atleast +1 to all cruisers (better +2) would make them even mor fun to play with, while not drastically change how they feel while playing.
Slight adjustments can make a great need for rethinking the whole ship classes.
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