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09-29-2012, 02:18 AM
So I am posting here because it seems this forum has no actual location for support tickets. I have had a PW account for a bit now and it has been active but I seem to not have "permission" to start a thread. Which I don't understand how to ask for help other then to post in here which it doesn't belong.

But that issue aside. I am trying to create an account. It keeps telling me character creation failed. But alas, for who knows what reason, it gives no reason why it failed. So I have to guess at what the issue was(name taken, inappropriate name, wrong ship name, etc) and redo the process. I looked this up on google and it seems to be a incredibly common issue that seems to get no real replies back. So I am looking for help otherwise this was a useless download and long attempt to play.
Any support would be appreciated but please do not reply saying anything generic that I have seen. Thank you.