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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
And thats the whole issue people here have with cruisers. They want their favourite ship to be the best ship. Call me ignorant for pointing that out, but it is the truth.
I don't care that my Excelsior isn't THE BEST for damage, I don't care that it's not THE BEST ship in the game, and I'm the first to admit that its not.

What I want is for it to do competent damage, I can tank all I like in a 1 to 1, I am very hard for a solo player to bring down whatever they happen to be flying (though I can laugh at other cruisers trying it, I barely notice most of them). My point being that the day before season 6 went live I had the best ship FOR ME I could tank ANYTHING because I was putting out sufficient damage to keep my enemies on their toes and if I maxed out I could force them to take a defensive stance at which point there was no recovering for them (without skill/help) at that point the game was fun, I'd played with 5 builds on the ship and settled on one that worked for me. The day after season 6 went live (with absolutely NO changes to by build) my damage figures were half what they were the day before and the rate at which I was killing enemies probably 1/4 of what it was before season 6.

So baudl, please explain how I am a crappy player with no idea of how to build my ship or how to play the game etc, etc.