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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
I don't care that my Excelsior isn't THE BEST for damage, I don't care that it's not THE BEST ship in the game, and I'm the first to admit that its not.

What I want is for it to do competent damage, I can tank all I like in a 1 to 1, I am very hard for a solo player to bring down whatever they happen to be flying (though I can laugh at other cruisers trying it, I barely notice most of them). My point being that the day before season 6 went live I had the best ship FOR ME I could tank ANYTHING because I was putting out sufficient damage to keep my enemies on their toes and if I maxed out I could force them to take a defensive stance at which point there was no recovering for them (without skill/help) at that point the game was fun, I'd played with 5 builds on the ship and settled on one that worked for me. The day after season 6 went live (with absolutely NO changes to by build) my damage figures were half what they were the day before and the rate at which I was killing enemies probably 1/4 of what it was before season 6.

So baudl, please explain how I am a crappy player with no idea of how to build my ship or how to play the game etc, etc.
i don't know, i didn't experiance any drop in my cruiser. and the patchnotes of season 6 do not suggest any nerf or change. (although that doesn't mean much)
i use single cannons and turrets, and my dps is somewhere around 5.5k (thats counting all the weapons dps when in combat or orbiting earth)
i can't answere your question since i don't know what the cause for your drop in dps was...mine didn't change over night.
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