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I really don't want to get drawn into an argument, but these are my personal thoughts on Starfleet's history with the Borg...

After the events of 2135, any remainders of the 'alien technology', after Archer's reports, it would most likely either been destroyed, or put into secure storage at Starfleet Command, but probably not given the highest of priorities. There was no specific timing given as to when the El-Aurian homeworld was destroyed, or how long the refugees had been in transit (remember, that they are an extremely long lived species, so travelling for decades would not be an issue for them, so there's no reason why the homeworld might not have been somewhere in the Delta Quadrant and they had simply traveled that distance to escape Borg Space) Knowing how bureaucrats think, it's quite possible that Starfleet Command had not only 'lost interest' in the 'alien technology' when the Enterprise-B was launched, but also due to sheer arrogance, would have thought "We can only hit Warp Nine, so no one else can go any faster, so what threat can they be?" and mistakenly catagorized the 'alien species' as no direct threat. By 2350s, given changes in officers at Starfleet Command, it's likely that the 'cybernetic race' and any remaining technology, was pretty much forgotten. Much like how Londo pointed out in Babylon 5 that orders can be carried out long after the reason for the order being issued is forgotten. I suspect that the Hansens were considered as being on the fringes of the scientific community, and that it may have been easier for Starfleet to have simply given them the Raven just to shut them up and get them out of the way, rather than deal with repeated requests for information/equipment access etc. Imagine the scenario, of Magnus Hansen in a meeting with some irritated rear-admiral desk jockey:

Magnus: "Have you been able to send a ship to the Neutral Zone to check out those sensor anomalies?"
Admiral: "No..."
Magnus: "I really think you should do, Admiral, this may well be the first signs of Their activity in two hundred years..."
Admiral: "It may also be nothing, Professor Hansen... I can't allocate a starship just to track down a sensor ghost of something which has not been seen in two hundred years."
Magnus: "But what if this is Them? We need to make analysis and studies. You have to send a ship to investigate!"
Admiral's glance falls on a data PADD containing specs for an extremely long-range shuttlecraft...
Admiral: "If I agree to assign a ship, will you stop submitting daily requests for access to sensor records?"
Magnus: "Absolutely, Admiral, that's all I want..."
Admiral: "Fine. Here is a ship, now stop wasting my time, and get that brat out of my office before she damages any more of my bonsai collection!"

Could have happened...

If Starfleet Command still did not consider the rumors anything more than a two hundred year old ghost story used to scare cadets on their Midshipman cruises, it certainly didn't consider it enough of a threat to start issuing warning orders to its Captains... Given how Project Defiant got mothballed due to 'engine issues'/as Starfleet considered the Borg threat to have receded, even when it really had not, that shows perfectly the bureaucratic mindset of "It's been dealt with, so it's dealt with, no need for continued vigilance, because we're the Good Guys, and we're Kick Ass..." If that same thinking had prevailed in 2153, well, it makes two centuries of apathy totally plausible and understandable... Q, on the other hand, knew of the danger, knew the Federation wasn't prepared, didn't want his favorite pets killed, so gave them a kick in the pants to try and wake them up, without being too obvious about it (because he wouldn't want Picard to know that he was actually doing them a favor, unless it was begged for) Even the Enterprise-D's encounter with the Borg wasn't enough to shake Starfleet Command into action on the issue, or Project Defiant would have been immediately put into action, and Wolf 359 would have gone down very differently. Again, bureaucratic arrogance, plain and simple...

That's about all the sense I can make out of the retconned history, feel free to agree or disagree As for Archer as a captain, I can sum up the issue in two words: Brannon Braga.

I used to really admire his rise from a spec-script writer to producer, but he got too self-indulgent and too focused on telling His Stories, and didn't have anyone to keep him in check, Enterprise being the result...

I would like to raise a glass of Romulan Ale to Magnus Hansen for having the faith to stand by the courage of his convictions *cheers*
The defiant was made after the battle of wolf 359. Also still they did not have alot of information on the borg back then. I agree even if the threat had been reduced I would still make some ships in case. But now days in star trek almost all the ships are designed to fight some why against the borg and other races.