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09-29-2012, 05:28 AM
Originally Posted by osirisraa View Post
And you appear to be an pessimistic, judgmental, child who voice his opinion when no ones ask for it... If I want to know want you think of me captainbrady I'll ask you........Other wise keep your negative comments to your self.........fkn troll............... Everyone shares in the work to earn the fleet marks you moron.
Is that so? This is the forum, therefore Captain Brady has a full right to voice his/her opinion, whether you like them or not. Calling Brady a "child" only emphasizes that you can't deal with criticism in a mature way. This is irrespective whether it is okay to look for a high-tiered fleet or not.

Imho, looking specifically for a high-tiered fleet where you don't have to invest other than in special projects now and then - that shows your intent to reap the rewards of other people's deeds. Dear Sir or Madam, I consider this behaviour leeching.

Now, you surely will commence another tirade of insults against me, which appears to be your modus operandi when dealing with criticism.
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