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Originally Posted by gradstudent1 View Post
What bothers me most is not the gambling aspect but the fact that when I buy a lock box key, the purchase is not a KDF purchase; it is a faction-neutral purchase.
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I understand. I merely find it funny how revenue is both used to gauge the KDFs "worth" in STO as far as new content incomming for us while at the same time if asked that revenue is treated as agnostic and used where ever it pleases them and is called un faction specific.

I imagine they have a metric that would measure how many of the "Temporal Science Vessels" are opened on a particular faction.

That is to say, if you have a (faction neutral) 'Temporal Science Vessel' and open it on a KDF character it will unlock as a Korrath.

Alternatively, if you spend 800 lobi and purchase a Krenn they should be able to track this as well.

On top of that, simply purchasing a key from while on a KDF character is also something they should be able to track and measure.