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Lockboxes are being saved for ships which CBS wants to deem as rare. So if they want the Dauntless to be rare in the game it will go into a Lockbox. Gecko even stated that the T5 Connie might only be allowed into the game via a Lockbox.
I understand. Generally, I am okay with that practice, esp. concerning alien starships (Cardassian, Tholian, etc.). However, I am not so happy about the fact that this includes genuine faction ships from Starfleet and KDF (the T5 Constitution being the exception from that opinion).

Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
I personally don't believe Uniforms should go into the Lobi Store, but the Store does need low-cost items for people to spend smaller amounts of Lobi on. Costume pieces tend to fit that bill.
General, civilian and alien costume pieces would be okay with me, but not standard issue Starfleet uniforms (although, the time traveller suit is not exactly Starfleet issue).
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