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09-29-2012, 12:54 PM
First and foremost, you NEVER, EVER want be at a stand still in an Escort. You will go *poof* very quickly, even if you're an engineer. I'm an Engineer who uses a Fleet Patrol Escort 90% of the time. Trust me. It's better to go backward than to be at a complete stop.

As for attack tactics, doing a "Yo-Yo" works (full forward, reverse, repeat back and forth), Pylon works (if you're equipped w/aft weapons that are not turrets), Hit-n-Run if you have some others doing it w/you... you get the idea. It's all about movement. Which maneuvers you choose to do depends on your weapons loadout, your situation, and your current turn rate.

Check out THIS THREAD for more details.

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