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Originally Posted by th3xr34p3r View Post
Hence why I'm running comparisons and checks with all available AA options on my system so I don't miss anything.
Just for the info then

With DX9 u can simply force MSAA8x + Supersampling transparency at 8x with Enhance.

With DX10 u can force MSAA8x + Supersampling 8x with Override.
And use DX10 Compatibility hex code 0x004012C1

By the way, this game is very stubborn with using anything higher then AA 4x as well, the only way to force anything above 4x is to force it through Nvidia Inspector, which is a sloppy thing upon itself because why is MSAA 8x listed at all then? Its just totally bugged.

In any case if you manage to replicate this, I'm sure you can see the same bug as I'm seeing if you walk around Academy for instance outside. Shadows are the thing that make it look buggy around stuff.

This game just needs to get its MSAA fixed properly without artifacts. They may look small, and most people might not even notice it or think its normal shining light at the sides of objects, But i know better. There are also parts (not even specifically pointing at transparent textures) but normal vectors are simply not anti aliased at all but do not show the weird glow effect at the sides.

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