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The defiant was made after the battle of wolf 359.
Yes, that is my point exactly. Project Defiant was not put into action early enough.

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Also still they did not have alot of information on the borg back then.
Even discounting the historical archives which should have existed from Archer's time (but we'll ignore the historic retcon for a second) the fact that there was a confirmed encounter with a Borg cube, which was more than a match for a Galaxy Class starship, someone at Command should have put the wheels in motion for Project Defiant as soon as Picard's debriefing was concluded...

The point I was making, was Starfleet's historic apathy towards the Borg threat, and unwillingness to be pro-active in taking a stance against it. I guess that's why when the Jem'Hadar took out the Odyssey, they decided to not make the same mistake again...

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I agree even if the threat had been reduced I would still make some ships in case. But now days in star trek almost all the ships are designed to fight some why against the borg and other races.
Absolutely so, it's just common sense, and yes, I would even be willing to go up against a cube in a Nova Class ship, given what I know about Borg tactics (which one would hope/assume any captain worth their salt would know... ) Not saying things would get very far beyond 'Resistance is futile...', but even a Nova Class ship would at least have some tactical abilities which could be employed against the Borg

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