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09-29-2012, 04:42 PM
Looks interesting, and I've back the project but there are a couple of things that I'd like answered. The Brutas with the massive cannons on their back look pretty cool, that part with them standing up, not so much. Also makes me wonder one thing, how do they build anything? Hooves are about as useful for building most things as a sledgehammer. Sledgehammers in labs also aren't terribly useful. Are they telekinetic? Did they enslave a race with prehensile appendages long ago and direct them on how to build what they want? Are they simply the 'warrior' breed of Brutas, with smaller ones that have prehensile appendages working in R&D and manufacturing? Or are they actually the front for another race that controls all research and development, as well as manufacturing? Were they once the slaves of another race, who were in the position to learn how all the machines were operated and then used that knowledge to force their oppressors out, then using the factories and other devices to continue manufacturing and research?

This kind of thing is important to me. I love diversity in a game, but at the same time it needs that touch of realism. Any advanced race that constructs objects is going to need some method of manipulating tools. It helps me, and I'd expect many others, to connect to a game when I can see it and think 'oh yeah, I can see how that would work.' How technologies work can be explained away with technobabble, but some things need a little more grounding in reality. Feel free to use any of the above explanations if you haven't already got one that hasn't been revealed yet. Don't have to tell me if you already have a great idea that you'd like to keep secret, just a 'Yep, we have a reason why ' is plenty.

The other thing that I'd like to know, is about the game in general in regards to the mid-late and end game. The map shown is quite large, which can make for some truly epic games, and also for unfinished games where victory is all but assured but in order for it to actually be declared victory, you'd have go through the tedium of systematically hunting down remnant forces and colonies. Can victory conditions be set that control of x% of the galaxy will start a countdown timer for victory? Will it be possible after showing your might and just how much larger your domain is to a small neighbour, that you could request their surrender to you that they'll then accept? A kind of hidden AI leader's morale if you will, where being next to a foe that they're clearly outmatched by will increase their likelihood of surrender, as will losing multiple planets in a turn (to anyone, but strongest to those who take them), defeats in battles and successful espionage/diplomatic attempts against them. Anything else to cut through the tedium that tends to crop up in this stage of the game beyond everyone having formed supercolonies?