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My science captain has been having alot of problem with hull damage. I have been flying the Wells and i keep dieing despite having plenty of shields.

Compared to my tac captain flying a Mobeus in STFs, when he gets hit by a borg torp or two the damage barely registers, and the proc heals quickly, but for my sci i can be losing as much as 2% hull per second with 2 procs. I find myself flying around with 75% hull and almost full shields. Hazzard Emitters help some but they take a long time to recharge and engineering team is always on cooldown from using tac or sci team. I wanted Aux to Structural but i would have to give up RSP to slot it

I checked my stats and my sci has more kinetic(31%) and energy damage(33%) resistence then my tac, and my sci even has more skill points allocated to hull related skills. Im so confused, how can i help this?

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