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09-29-2012, 08:59 PM
Personally, my problem with the lockboxes is the master keys are too expensive. Even the "Cheaper" keys are too expensive.

If I were to grind out all that dilithium to do it, 8k / day is still too much effort to spend it on a key for a lockbox. I'd rather use that dil to get zen and buy oh say... another ship that I know for a fact I will get.

I'm not one for spending my hard earned money / dilithium on something that costs 100 zen for a "chance" at a ship. Now if they dropped the master keys down to 10 - 20 zen per key (to make keys more affordable for the hundreds of boxes I end up with every night), then I'd personally probably open more. But as it stands, the price of keys is the killer for me and I'm just not willing to spend 100 zen for "a chance" (and not even a good one) at something I want.