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Energy type is really up to you. There is no one 'great' version, although disruptor and anti-proton weapons are among the favourites.

Antiproton seems to be the fed preference, while disruptor is overwhelmingly Klingon. My tac character uses Antiproton, while my sci toon used phased tetryon to great effect.

Keep in mind that escorts are effectively gun boats, damage dealers, big guns. To max out the potential, there are some basic concepts:
  1. Focus on one energy type. The only * to that rule are new phased or polarized original weapons. These come from lock boxes or on the exchange.
  2. Species-unique ships (Klingon, Jem, Cardassian, Ferengi) get unique bonuses for specific energy types.
  3. Pureists like 3 DHC + 1 torp front, turrets for the back. You attack head on, so rear firing torps don't have long term value.
  4. Skills/abilities focus on rapid fire, spread
  5. Armour up with neutronium for broad spectrum coverage PLUS protection from kinetic.
  6. Weapon bonuses - go [Acc] first, x2 at least, x3 when you save up the cash.

Sorry to Highjack the Thread, but i have a Question for this, too. Do for example count polarized disrupter Weapons count as Polaron and Disrupter Weapon or are they just Disrupter Weapons.