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Okay I like many others just don't bother with the current elites anymore, due to the trash drops, here is one mans idea

The Crystaline entity is good because its so hard,, it would be easy for them to make it even harder,

I'm thinking you must be in a team of 40, outside the instance to start it, no pug grouping for this one :-)

Top prize is one baby crystaline entity Combat Pet, only one person out of the 40 will get this,, the rest will get advanced xii weapons and other such items,

the instance should take a good two hours, if the group doesn't FAIL

I really do feel such boss instances with good drops would bring back some much needed team play in to STO

though it may not directly make the game more money,, it will keep people playing, AND that will make this wonderfull game more money.

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