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09-30-2012, 06:07 AM
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I was lucky enough to open two time ships in the last 5 boxes of my 300+ box pile. Instead of using them both i thought i would give the second away. If it is permitted, i would like people to post limericks about our lock-boxes and i shall give out prizes to those i enjoy including keys and some of the bountiful treasures that have spilled out of my lockboxes over the last few months.

and after a while, ill will give the timeship to the one i liked best...

so reply in limerick form if you are interested.

Not exactly a limerick but better.

Lockboxes lockboxes lockboxes...they all love their lockboxes.
But what they dont know about their lockboxes, is that when you send an insane person to a lockbox, you're just sending him home!
The very place he knows best.
*(Maniac laugh)*
Seeing as I'm feeling generous, here's a free key!

Got an inspiration from this video. You should really watch it to get it.