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09-30-2012, 07:18 AM
I do wish they would update the graphics, and fix the bugs in this game. They have yet to fix the audio bugs that I have been reporting over and over. If you go to your engine room, it has no sound at all. The Starbase Defense mission still takes away your weapon sound then it gets stuck that way and you have to restart the whole game to make it back to normal.

Graphics wise, there are alot of imperfection that need to be fixed. They have been consentrating on making the star background looks so real that they forgot about the ships. The canon shops don't even look canon. The widows are not arranged properly, even when you choose the different styles. Some styles windows don't even touch the skin when you look close.

I thinks it has alot to do with the new type of devs they brought to Cryptic from PWE. They are just straight up lazy, and don't care to fix what already exist in the game. I don't even think they are Star Trek fans because the game looks less and less like Star Trek with every patch. They are more concerned with bringing you more ships that they created for you to buy than, to fix the already existing ships and performances. When you look at the space battles, it doesn't resemble anything like Star Trek, with cannon volleys firing 100-200 rounds per minute. Cannons in Star Trek don't fire that fast. These actions of ships zipping around and firing machine guns are something from another fighter ship type of game. Maybe thats why there are more escort ships than cruisers and DHC are really machine guns. I guess I have to wait for a true Star Trek game to come out because this one is drifting away to something else.

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