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UPDATE: The "Call Tuffli" channel has merged with the "New Romulus TW" channel to become the new "Public Service" channel.

Did you remember the occasion, when you desperately needed the services of a Freighter, but your Comm code was not available? I realized, that there are a lot of Tuffli class freighter Captains out there. Maybe we can help each other. So I created the "Public Service" global channel.

Players can join by typing the command /channel_join "Public Service" global channel in the Chat bar.

This channel is meant for you to request a Bridge invite to a Tuffli class freighter or D'Kora class Marauder in times when your Personal Comm Code for the NPC Freighter is unavailable. This channel is also meant for player who needs to get to New Romulus quickly by requesting an Embassy invite.

Visiting a Tuffli class Freighter gives you access to the Mail system, the Bank and the Exchange. Additionally you have access to a Quartermaster who sells Commodities at best prices and you can access the Crafting system. Finally there is a Ferengi granting you special Trading DOFF Assignments. All you have to do is heading aft towards the Cargo bay.
Visiting a D'Kora Marauder also gives you access to the Mail system, the Bank and the Exchange. In addition to the Ferengi Trader, there is also "Dabo with Leeta" available.

Visit the official Website for further information.

Thank you and spread the word.

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