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My science captain has been having alot of problem with hull damage. I have been flying the Wells and i keep dieing despite having plenty of shields.

Compared to my tac captain flying a Mobeus in STFs, when he gets hit by a borg torp or two the damage barely registers, and the proc heals quickly, but for my sci i can be losing as much as 2% hull per second with 2 procs. I find myself flying around with 75% hull and almost full shields. Hazzard Emitters help some but they take a long time to recharge and engineering team is always on cooldown from using tac or sci team. I wanted Aux to Structural but i would have to give up RSP to slot it

I checked my stats and my sci has more kinetic(31%) and energy damage(33%) resistence then my tac, and my sci even has more skill points allocated to hull related skills. Im so confused, how can i help this?
1. Monotanium. Use it, if you have room and you're not already.

2. Resilient shields, if you don't have them.

3. Dump RSP. Your problem is obviously not shields, but hull, and RSP is doing nothing for you until your shields are already down. Which probably is happening a moment before that last 2% of hull goes with it. RSP is a really crappy shield heal to fill a boff slot with in PvE, unless you're a cruiser and have one to fill it with. This is what Sci Team and Shield Dist Doffs + BFI are for. Pick up that Aux2SIF instead. It's up every 15 seconds, and can keep staving off pressure damage from plasma fires and beam arrays, as well as the kinetic bleedthrough that you're getting. It also doesn't conflict with Tac or Sci team.

4. Make sure that you're keeping an eye on your aux levels. They should be pretty good in a sci ship anyway, and the more the merrier for HE and Aux2SIF. Pop an aux battery if you need a quick heal and can't switch power to aux. (You do have keybinds to switch power between subsystems, don't you?)

5. Fill one of your device slots with the Subspace Field Modulator. Ramp this up when you start seeing 70-80% hull, and then worry about killing whatever is killing you.