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06-15-2009, 08:49 AM
That time line picture doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

First, this means that there always existed a starship named USS Kelvin.
James T. Kirk wasn't born on the Kelvin, he was born on Earth in Iowa, but I'm going to assume that the attack on the ship probably made Wynona Kirk go into premature labor. =/

If Nero went back into our OWN Prime Universe, then he did create an alternate time line, BUT this would have caused our Prime Universe to be re-written and never exist.

If you could just go back in time and screw up whatever you'd like because its all gonna be a "different reality" anyway, then why is Starfleet and Temporal agents so bent on not disturbing the time line!?


DS9 "Trials and Trib-ulations" where the Defiant went back in time because Arne Darvin wanted to kill Kirk.
According to ST:O devs, why would Sisco and crew even bother saving this Kirk??
By going back in time, the Defiant created an "alternate reality". Who cares if this Kirk dies? Their Kirk back in the Prime Universe still exists.

I'm sorry, but this time line provided by ST:O is WRONG.

The devs also talk about the TNG episode "Parallels" but they have taken it out of context.
Data says that all the infinite number of possible outcomes of all events that CAN happen, DO happen in alternate quantum realities.
Like, lets say you come to a fork in a road and you go left. In an alternate quantum reality, you would go right instead. In another quantum reality, you might just turn around and go back!
Lets go back to you taking that first left on the road. If someone came back in time and forced you to go down a 3rd unseen path, then that person just changed your future of taking a left... a future which now, no longer exists.

According to the Dev's timeline, Nero and crew went back in time to our Prime Universe and an alternate reality was created. This means that the Prime Universe no longer exists and was replaced by this new alternate timeline, a time where Kirk was not born on Earth, where the Constitution-class Enterprise was way advanced and Vulcan no longer exists.

Well, Elta, then how does the new Star Trek movie relate to the universe you may ask?

...and you're gonna tell us... 9_9

The black hole that pulled in Nero and Spock did make them go back in time.... of a quantum reality... what Data said in the TNG episode "Parrallels".

To put it in REALLY simple tearms, its like they were pulled into the Mirror Universe. A quantum reality that follows our own Prime Universe but does not affect it.

I bring back once again, a time chart that was posted by someone else but I modified.

Time Line Chart

Of course, what I say isn't going to matter because the Devs have posted and everyone will follow that =(