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09-30-2012, 12:53 PM
I am currently having the same issue with Champions Online, PWE have the worst customer service ever.
They are not going to get back to you, that is a guarantee. I have taken out several support tickets during my time gaming with PWE and not once have I had a reply. I usually resolve the issues myself, sure it's not a problem is I resolve it myself but they don't know I've resolved it.

The best way to get them to do anything about it is the following, if you have a subscription where you are paying a monthly membership for any of the games they offer make sure you always ALWAYS! take it out with PayPal. The reason is simple, When they screw you over like this, they really don't care. So long as they get money out of you.
They do care, however. When you are taking your money back from them. PayPal is the only payment service that offers the chance to dispute anything.
PayPal is your support ticket in effect. What you all need to do is hang your membership on the line and tell them, if I can't play. Then I want my money back for the membership I am not getting and I wont pay for anything from you again if I am going to see problems like this that wont be resolved in the future.
I've already done it and I've only had this problem for a day now. No security measure should be that bad.