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09-30-2012, 12:14 PM
First, look to your hull and shields-once someone gets past your fighters/runabouts, that's your line of defense. You need to be running Neutronium consoles in Engineer spaces-you're a carrier, like the Nimitz Class, you're never going to be nimble, so forget RCS, injectors, i.e. manueverability buffs-your manuevering element is your pets.

Focus Engineering console slots on armor, sci slots on Shielding boosts (and/or Probes for the sensor boost)

Second, is your Sci powers. Spec to Sensors and Shields on your main-sensors because a Sci ship with the right spec can SEE a Cloaked BoP-even if said BoP is specced on Stealth (I know this, I get seen by Sci's in Kerrat FREQUENTLY...)

Weapons? you need all one energy type, feeding off the same console. You don't have manueverability, so focus on BEAMS. this gives you best return for your investment as far as ship weapons. Maybe turrets too-for the 360 dg. arc (if Turrets, your Tac BOFF should be packing CRF, if beam, Beam Overload is VERY nice to have for those idiots whose pass puts them in firing arc before they cloak.)

The rest of your BoFFs should be focusing on either resists to damage, or Heals. EPS, Extend, etc. are your FRIENDS.

For pets....

ADvanced Danube Runabouts (Tractor spam), Drives people NUTS, makes that BoP hold stilll while you peel him with Beam Overloads or Polaron turrets.

(I'm basically describing all the things that Carrier jocks have done to me here, because PvP should be COOL-as in people should be having fun, not getting angry and leaving.)

Gravity Well is a good DEFENSIVE power for your Fedball as well-it decloaks bops and slows 'em down so your pets can kill/maim/cripple them. (also good for messing up some Carrier Jock's formations!!)