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I cant contact PWE, i cant always warn Peanut labs and the fact is i feel like the Free Zen offers are nothing but a blatent joke at this point.

Despite filling out the inital survey several times i dont get new ones nor seemingly credit for the first.

I've completed several free offers that actually show up and dont get credit.

Several more have not appeared at all after clicking on the offer just dragging me to a white screen sometimes with the peanut labs help thing sometimes not. These offers are supposed to make it somewhat easier to accrue zen. But the fact of the matter is that its not even close to doing so. I dont know if i'm the only one with this issue or others are beginning to have problems. Either way i hope someone can help me out and fix this.

I'm using the latest firefox browser and i really should not be having these issues. Help out if you guys can thanks.