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Originally Posted by outlaw51825 View Post
i already cap out that pretty easy yeah, I'm looking for ways to suppliment it as the dilithium exchange has been fluxing upward from where it was normally. Because right now to get a ship...oh lets see...

2000*160...320k dilith. 40 days right now for a defiant. Thats a long time to grind.
160 is dirt cheap, to be honest. Prior to Season 6, it was double that most of the time.

As it is, spend some Zen on character slots. They'll return even more Zen still. You can easily pull down 150 or so Zen per day with even minimum effort.

I'm just being honest with you. I've BTDT with these 'free' offers. You're not going to get much Zen, if any, and PWE will be little help to you in doing it. Any any info you give these surveys will be used to spam you endlessly, so I hope you're not using real phone numbers or email addresses. The only offers that reliably pay out require you to join a real paid service like Netflix, or to apply for credit cards/other things that can potentially cost money.