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06-15-2009, 10:16 AM
Maybe this is much easier to me to understand than a few of the posters in this thread due to my comic book reading of Marvel and DC, following of Doctor Who from the BBC, Red Dwarf, and other science fiction shows that dealt with alternate realities and time travel.

In fact, however, we are actually at three timelines that have been extensively (or will be extensively) developed for the Star Trek franchise. Do not forget the Mirror Universe is also an alternate timeline running in parallel with the 'prime' timeline.

By the way, if you ever watched the History Channel show on Star Trek technology, warp is theorized to be possible if such a state of parallel universes does exist, so there is a scientific basis to it all.

As to the person pointing out Enterprise is consistent between Prime and Abrams, that is true and is reflected on the graphic though the text may not quite match up.