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Originally Posted by zenzenarimasen View Post
I'm sorry, but upgrading the engine will not make the game look better. You upgrade the engine and all you're going to get are the same graphics. Why? Because you didn't upgrade the f*k'n assets, that's why. The game can be spruced up on DX9 alone.

Even if they updated to DX11, what then? The most you'd get DX11's better handling of textures, thus giving you a faster frame rate. Suppose they added assets that take advantage of tessellation. What good is that? Oh look my dinky little ship that's so tiny on my screen because it's a tactical disadvantage to zoom in on it is all tesselated. Nobody can tell the difference because when zoomed out like that it's all curvy without tesselation anyway. It's not like extra detail added in by tesselation can even be seen at those zoom levels.

With ship combat often taking place at the edge of firing range, you can't even see the extra detail from improved assets on other craft either. You can't really get in close enough to look at your avatar or anyone else's for tessellation to make much of a noticeable difference.

What good are geometry shaders for this game? There's no procedural graphics generation, and the game isn't designed in a fashion that it would benefit from such a thing.

What good is DirectX 11 for this game except the added performance on compatible cards?

Yes I'm aware that there's already a DirectX 11 mode. Are you aware that it makes certain polygons in interiors look totally black and screws with the lighting just as it has for the year and a half that it's been there?
Actually thats BS, because before F2P they use to update the graphics and performance with every patch. The fact that water use to ripple and splash around when you ran in it and had a dripping wet uniform when you got out, is proof that graphics and audio has gone backwards. Laziness is never the answer to problems. Blaming players and genralizing them, assuming that they all have low graghics cards is not the answer either. That makes about as much sense as an auto maker blaming drivers for causing auto recalls. Just because you like looking at your ship as the size of a fly doesn't mean the rest of us do.

If the devs are going to be busy concentrating on other games then why is this one an online game? Why isn't it a single player RPG? The minute my ships become pixelated, I will retire this game, because I didn't pay money to see less looks and performance.