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- More hairstyles.

- Addition of two scar/tattoo slots. (I was looking at this and was surprised how many of the scars are canon. I tend to forget scars except when looking at an actor but Dukat flat out has three scars/blemishes. And all three are in the character creator. And of those three, only one is part of Marc Alaimo's face. In general, characters in Trek had more scars/blemishes than I remembered.) A lot of canon non-human characters had 2-3 scars as part of their makeup.

- More eye nose combinations. (At the least, "casucasian" eyes with a round nose and "asian" eyes with a sharp nose. Incidentally, Avery Brooks has the former while Patrick Stewart has the latter.)

- Non-movable scar-like details for the face. This would help differentiate Cardassians, Ferengi, etc. Just extra layers with things like a cheek definition texture, optional chin clefts, laugh lines without having to use a fully aged face.

- Body bulk slider like the Gorn have for other species. Let the Pakleds be fat. Let humans have ponch. Let Klingons have a blood wine belly.

Do this and people won't look like an inbred family reunion on DS9. Everybody looks too young and perfect as it is. (The only other realistic option being old and emaciated.)