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09-30-2012, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by maddog0000doom View Post
or u could just press space bar so u dont fall into the plasma. its quite rare to find people smart enough to figure it out.

i have even seen people die on prupose so that they hit resapwn and stand out side while the team does it for them.

this i hate more than players that cant press space bar. wanting to be carried though everything.
funny, I usually get offed these days AFTER Rebecca comes out to play. Found that respawning and tossing Team Buffs distracts her toward the door, which lets my teammates get a few shots more in toward dropping her crazy ass.

but, for the plasma issue... Take "Centre" and play fire-support while your team does the room-dash to the consoles, then stand by and get the generator when the shield drops. You avoid having to fall in the Plasma because the best jumpers are in motion, nobody has to stop and try to heal you because you fell into the plasma, and you can draw aggro off the rest one-angle-at-a-time. Stay away from Area effects and focus your shooting, and you'll be more use than another body hopping over gaps less ably than the guys with the ferret reflexes.

Remember, STF is NOT for Captain Kirks out there,it's a team game, and if you find a niche that isn't covered, you're more of an asset than the guy who tries doing it ALL by himself like some kind of rockstar.