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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
You're assuming that the SAME PEOPLE do all those things. If there is any rationale to how they operate, you have certain staff doing nothing but new Art Assets (such as Ships), Writers, Map Designers etc.

Thing is, Cryptic doesn't WANT to touch up the older ships, make them look better. They figure, it's better to gouge the players for more money via quick cash-grab lockboxes.
There is a ship team that works on ships, yes. However, Klingons could stand to get more ships, FEs sometimes need new ships, and if Romulans ever become playable they too will need more ships. Add to that the long list of ships many people would rather have as opposed to spending time retouching the Luna or making a new model for it's mirror version. I for one think after almost 3 years we've waited long enough for an Ambassador class and would rather see that.