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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
You're assuming that the SAME PEOPLE do all those things. If there is any rationale to how they operate, you have certain staff doing nothing but new Art Assets (such as Ships), Writers, Map Designers etc.

Thing is, Cryptic doesn't WANT to touch up the older ships, make them look better. They figure, it's better to gouge the players for more money via quick cash-grab lockboxes.
No. What he's saying is that it's not worth the man-hours to make perfect. The ship's not that important to the game.

I am going to assume that Sean sold his rights to the Luna to CBS/Paramount just as Adam did with the Odyssey. As such he has zero grounds to sue Cryptic. In fact, if CBS/Paramount wanted to be jerks they could sue Sean for having images of the Luna on his website - as it's their IP. Luckily CBS is quite lenient about ships on fan-sites.