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The definitive differences seem to come down to:
- XI vs XII damage
- [Borg] has the Borg radiation proc
- PolDis has a power drain proc

My personal use case is STFs. That said, I think the question is: Does the power drain proc make up for the loss of the radiation proc and damage difference?

My first run in ISE with a Polarized Disruptor set yielded something unexpected. I was the first one attacking the patrol Cube and in the opening seconds, the Cube completely lost all shields. I can only assume that means that between my guns and my Plasmonic Leech, I literally drained it to 0 shield power. While that might be a rare thing, it was a potent first impression of the amount of draining I'm doing, and on top of the disruptor resistance debuff.

I later saw another Cube completely lose shielding but I can't say if that was my doing or someone else's Phaser proc.