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My fleet is still working towards getting T3 engineering done. Had some questions as to how the Elite ground armor looks:

1) How does it look? Is it the same armor we see in the wallpaper gallery, featuring the various areas (Sci, Tact, Eng)? Can someone post/link a screenshot?

2) Is the look customizable? Can I change the armor colors in the tailor?

3) If it does have a unique look, and I equip the armor on one of my Boffs and enable visual, does the look show up on the Boff? Is the look customizable on the Boff?


The Armor on the various profession themed wallpapers are the Mk XII costumes for both M.A.C.O and Klingon Honor Guard gotten though Elite STFs. They have limited colour customization (a few of the choices are limited to just 4 colours and some have the full pallette) and BOffs can not use them.