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Hmm thats interesting I thought that the borg cube would not be de-shieded by that much power drain and I don't think Plasmonic Leech shares its drain with Polaron. It also depends on the mods (e.g. CrtD, Acc, CrtH, Dmg (Dmg is actually about the same as the other mods contrary to popular belief so long as its not PVP, although it is my belief that in PVP Acc is about 4 times better than all the other mods)) that the polarized weapon has, also keep in mind that Acc still does extra damage due to an overflow if your weapons are 100% accurate (which is agasit most if not all NPCs). The difference between Mk XI and XII is not that great and to be perfectly honist dmg, CrtH, CrtD and Acc would be better than the borg proc. Also the de-shielding from the cube would probably be even smaller so your best bet is probably the Borg weapons so long as you are fighting borg, in a fleet action you are better off using the polarized disruptor (since more shields in fleet events + borg mod is useless) and in PVP whichever one has the most Acc mods.

PvP isn't a factor more me. At least right now. And if it ever becomes one, I'll be re-researching optimization from the ground up.

The Polarized Disruptors I've favored are [Acc][CrtH]. Figured that was among the best combo, given only two traits on them.

So PvE (Fleet Actions and STFs) are all I really care about right now.