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10-01-2012, 01:56 AM
Ill try give you what i do when i play Elites on a tact captain

No obviously being a tact means your high dps, but squishy due to lack of healing abilities.

The maco set is great, use the shield capacitance carefully.

The kits you choose can make a huge impact on your gameplay too, the only 3 kits i find viable for combat are;

-Fire team, lots of buffs, good damage
-Squad leader, Overwatch and rally cry GREAT for exposing enemies for exploit attacks
-Operative, Not as handy vs elite borg (they perceive too well, this is why they still attack you when 'cloaked') but great spike damage.

What kit for the boss room?

-Squad leader is great for IGE on the way to the boss, but in the boss room... not so, rally cry will actually aggro nearby borg, big no-no
-Operative again, limited use because of borg's natural high perception,
-Fire team i usually use, high dps spikes.

Some tips about the boss room that come in handy:
- No security escort AT ALL!, the use 'draw fire' (aggros borg) and randomly attack borg that havent been aggroed, also act as chain-lightning-bait for becky
-Draw Fire, (a useless ability for a tactical in all fairness)
- Using the 'LRC' (stand at doorway kill borg to left, right then center then 3 people jump) tactic you will know the borg on the left/right will be re spawning about the same time becky is free, so stay away from that half of the room (being at the entrance means you suffer flanking damage from the left/right) I would suggest move to the 3rd/4th node and utilize your maco sniper
-AOE weapons can inadvertently aggro borg that have not noticed the team, e.g. splitbeam rifles/ full auto rifles, pulsewaves etc, if you are using one of these as a secondary weapon be VERY careful when using the secondary attacks