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# 1 Charge Zen Vet Rewards
10-01-2012, 03:08 AM
G Day All,

In the Veterans rewards Cryptic say thel like to reward their dedicated players by giving them specials rewards only they can use after 100, 300, 400 days etc.

Now I realise theirs going to be some people in that list that I have spent more than others such as people able to buy life time membership strait up compared to some one who can't and just pays the $15 a month or what ever it is.

What about people who are silver but pay a lot via the Zen Store?

I think its fair that those people should receive the same veterans rewards but in a different manner for example to get the 100 day veteran reward you would have to of spent $250 in total on zen/c-points and so on.

Cryptic still make their money and the rewards are extended to the silver players who spend a lot on Zen and it wouldn't be hard for Cryptic to track who has spent how much on Zen or c-points before they changed it.

I'm not asking for silver players to get the same account unlocks as gold or anything like that just the Veterans rewards extended to people who have spent a fair bit on Zen after all a fair few of those players will spend a lot more than any lifetimer would.