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Originally Posted by gadhark01 View Post
Sorry to Highjack the Thread, but i have a Question for this, too. Do for example count polarized disrupter Weapons count as Polaron and Disrupter Weapon or are they just Disrupter Weapons.
disruptor, if you check the info for any dual proc weapon it will say for example:
To target 290 Disruptor (or other energy type) damage listed below that will be the procs. all weapons list the damage type they do and that's the console you use.

on topic:
a note about anti-proton, these are only high damage if skilled for them, else they tend to be the worst weapons especially dhc's.
what helps them perform up to potential.

trait: accurate (minor boost) 10% bonus to accuracy
starship weapons targeting (major boost) 9 ranks
starship energy weapon specialization (major boost) at least 6 ranks
tactical character (uber while attack pattern alpha is active)
borg universal console (moderate boost)

the above increases your chances of producing critical hits, since AP's bonus is critical severity critical chance is not an optional stat but required for AP.