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Originally Posted by spacecaptian View Post
this is sort of a duplicate of an old thread but.
Earlier this year I joined STO and played it on my laptop but then the game stopped working.
the past few months I have been saving up for a new computer.
Right now I have the money but I haven't ordered all the parts yet.

(so what I'm saying is it'll be a while before I'm actually playing again maybe a month or two)

But in the meantime I'll be on the forums.
I had to dip into the car fund last week for funds for a new tower myself, since my old one died on me, so I know how it is. Hopefully you can get all your new parts and get back to gaming

Make sure you get a new ivy bridge i5/i7 or go for the sandy bridge e series i7 cpus (as I had a i5 second gen on the last system and even with a 580 1.5gb and 16gb ram there was a lot of micro stutter and dips in fps in sto).. if your going intel that is; have not been up to date on the AMD side last few months so not sure whats the equive atm lol.
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