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10-01-2012, 03:54 AM
Yes and No, I certainly understand your point about the crew but your forgetting about the other part of your crew which are your Bridge Officers and Active Duty Officers which are most important in all space and ground combat.

Your bridge officers can be trained, you may not like what you get and want to change certain skills and by the time you get to lvl 50 you will be able to train your Bridge officers so for Lt Commander slot and Commander slot they have level 3 skills. As for your other Bridge officers you can get Friends or Fleet mates to train them up to those level 3 skills if they are a different class.

Then theres your Active Duty Officers, for both ground and space its better that you put in 5 purples if you can as it will raise their chance ability and overall have an impact of what you do in battle. There are Doffs that can have a chance to raise your own skills or of that of your Bridge officers and many more things.

So getting ALL your crew up to battle readiness isn't just about the crew meter, Your bridge officers will be the easiest to get but the 10 purple doffs for active space and ground will be hard. I'm trying to get a Purple Doff Energy officer that has an ability for cannons problem is there going for around 4mill on the exchange but I'll get one eventually.