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Originally Posted by darkwhite0 View Post
I play two years with cruise and I do not see any problem to turn the ship ...
maybe the problem is learning how to play with the ship
Maybe there is a problem in understanding that other people may have other expectations. A ship that needs 45-60 seconds for a full turn is DEFINITELY too slow turning. This is not acceptable and certainly not how Star Trek ships where moving on the shows or in the movies. I don't care about MMO balancing, i expect Star Trek ships be like the ships they are in all other media (movies, TV, even other games).
Slow flying Bricks with no satisfying firepower are not how big Starfleet ships are on TV or movies.
I can understand the Devs love escorts but the are making a Star Trek game here, not a Star Wars game. If they don't like it i am sorry for them, but they shouldn't turn Star Trek ships into some WWII/ Star Wars ship relations.

Last week they buffed escorts without ANYONE even needing this. It's not even funny anymore.

Crusiers need a serious Firepower/Maneuverability buff since start of STO. Since then, the devs are resolved to ignore this and give any advantage to escorts instead.
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