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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Yay! I've been asking for this sort of thing for a while. Particularly new eye and nose shapes. That would fix so much of the "sameyness" of the characters. And it wouldn't be that hard as well. STO isn't that high ploy of a game, I imagine you could whip up half a dozen decent looking ones in an hour or two just by moving the points around.

If they really can't find the time to do that, I know my way around modelling software, they could always send me the basic head and let me experiment with it.

I would also like to request some sort of Non-Combat Expression sort of thing. Standing around by the exchange where everyone has the same expression on their face is kind of creepy. We already know that the Engine is capable of expressions anyway.

What would be really cool is if you could choose an in/out of combat expression. It would change up how the players look, and offer up some really cool characterisation possibilities!
Very yes.

BioWare recently added moods to SWTOR and they have a ton more than Champions Online has. Why can't we have more moods in CO, and moods at all here?